MicroDot 4016 Headset Microphone for Various Wireless Systems February 28 2019


Maximum performance.

Decades of headset microphone design come together in the 4016 Headset, combining exceptionally controlled directional patterns and wide dynamic range along with user comfort and durability.

The 4016 Headset Condenser Microphone is perfect for presentation, fitness and vocal applications. This low profile, miniature condenser microphone provides accurate audio reproduction through its compact 4.0*1.5mm capsule. With microdot detachable cable, easily convert/replace your connectors. Manufactured with extreme care and the highest quality components, the 4016 delivers exceptionally clear, articulate sound with reliable performance in an extremely low profile design!

The 4016 Headset is supplied with:

  • Fixed Headframe with Microphone
  • Detachable Cable with Connector
  • Windscreen


  • Microdot Detachable Cable with 4 pin mini XLR TA4F connector, Compatible with Shure Wireless Transmitter Models: L1, 11, LX1, SC1, U1, UC1, UT1, T1, ULX1, UR1, PGX
  • Microdot Detachable Cable with 3.5mm Screw Locking Jack Plug, Compatible with Sennheiser Evolution Series, G2, X2 Digital Wireless Systems
  • Microdot Detachable Cable with 4 Pin Hirose type Connector, Compatible with Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D /ATW-T310 /AEW-T1000 /ATW-T701, ATW-T75(7000 Series) /ATW-T210
  • Microdot Detachable Cable with 3 Pin LEMO type Connector, Compatible with SENNHEISER SK 50, SK 250, SK 2000, SK 3063, SK 5012, SK 5212, SK 9000; SHURE UR1MLEMO, AD1LEMO3, ADX1m, AXT100LEMO3; Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless; Wisycom MTP30;
  • Excellent elastic steel bracket and soft plastic ear hang make it more comfortable and stable to adorn
  • Use omnidirectional condenser cartridge, excellent vocal reduction effect, Intermediate frequency is fine and soft, very strong resolution and penetration
  • Special processing of the metal surface, with strict test of acid proof,alkali proof and wear proof, display excellent. Various connecting plugs for choice, matching all kings of wireless system

Microphone and Performance

  • Frequency Response: Omnidirectional: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: Omnidirectional: -43dB±2dB
  • Standard Operation Voltage: 2.0V-10V.DC
  • Output Impedance: 2200Ω ±30%(at 1KHz)
  • SNR: >58db
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5 to 12 Volts
  • Power Supply Voltage: +5V with 10 kOhm load


  • Capsule Dimension(mm): Ø 0.16” (4 mm)
  • Cable Length: 4 Feet (1.2 m)

What’s Included?

  • 4016 Headset Microphone
  • 4016 Headset Cable
  • 4016 Small Windscreen
  • Carrying Case

Recommended Detachable Cable

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Wireless adapters for DPA miniature microphones April 10 2014

Wireless adapters for DPA miniature microphones

Using YPA adapters for DPA miniature and lavalier microphones are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below.

The model number is typically found on the transmitter. 

Other configurations are possible; however YPA Microphones cannot guarantee full compatibility. 

Brand /Transmitter YPA Adapter DPA Adapter
AKG DPT 70 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG DPT 700 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 45 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 60 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 80 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 81 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 400 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 450 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 470 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 4000 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 4500 C4A-2 DAD6017
Audio Ltd.
Audio Ltd EN2 TX C4SE-2 DAD6034
Audio-Technica AEW-T1000 C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T101 (U100) C4AW-2 DAD6021
Audio-Technica ATW-T210 C4T-2-A DAD6028
Audio-Technica ATW-T310 C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T51 (1400 ser.) C4T-2-B DAD6022
Audio-Technica ATW-T75 (7000 ser.) C4T-2-A DAD6028
Audio-Technica ATW-T701 C4T-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 300 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 500 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 600 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 800 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 900 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Electro-Voice CSB-1000 (RE1/RE2) C4EV-2 DAD6030
Lectrosonics LM, SM and UM series C4L-2 DAD3056
Line 6
XD-V70L C4S-2 DAD6010
Mipro ACT-707T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TE C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TM C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TS C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-71T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-7T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT103 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT303 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT801 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT808 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Samson CT-2 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson TX-3 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT1L C4A-2 DAD6017
Samson UT4 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT5 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT6 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson VT2L C4A-2 DAD6017
Sennheiser Evolution / G2 Series C4SE-2 DAD6034
Sennheiser SK 50 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 250 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 2000 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 3063 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 5012 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Shure GLXD1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure PGX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure SC1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure SLX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure U1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure ULX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1M C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1MLemo3 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Shure UT1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Sony Freedom WRT 805 C4SN-2 DAD6019
TOA WM4300 C4S-2 DAD6010
Trantec S5.5 (UHF) C4TR-2 DAD6036
Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless C4SL-2 DAD6003
Wisycom MTP30 C4SL-2 DAD6003
X2 Digital Wireless Systems C4SE-2 DAD6034
XLR adapter without belt clip C4XLR DAD6001
XLR adapter without belt clip and low cut MA201A DAD4099

YPA MM1 REVIEW March 21 2014

YPA omnidirectional headset microphone review 

Please note that all of the comments below must be kept in perspective: This microphone costs $39.99 (inlcuding tax and shipping), which is 10-20 times less than its current mainstream competition.

If you have never heard of the YPA microphone brand, do not feel bad - neither have I, until recently. As more and more microphones are manufactured in China, it was only a matter of time for a Chinese OEM microphone manufacturer to emerge with low-cost alternatives to name-brand models. YPA makes an omnidirectional, headset microphone that is compatible with the most common wireless standards, including Shure and Sennheiser. Luckily, with a phantom power adaptor, such microphones can also be used in a wired configuration, provided phantom power is supplied by a microphone pre-amplifier or field recorder.

The microphone has respectable specifications, but because nothing is known of the manufacturer's track record, one needs to take these with a grain of salt. The microphone costs $23 including shipping, which makes it the least expensive omnidirectional headset microphone available today. I tested the Shure version because I already have the Shure RPM626 phantom power adapter. I did not know what to expect because it appears to be a typical OEM model that is probably sold under several other brands.


Figure 1. YPA omnidirectional headset microphone


  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • SPL: max. 130 dB
  • Supply voltage: 1.5 to 10 V
  • Impedance: 1 kΩ
  • Sensitivity: -42 dB

What I like

The microphone has good electrical and acoustic performance, certainly better than the price sticker might indicate. The microphone is quite useable. It has high sensitivity and low self-noise. The frequency response in the speech-specific part of the spectrum is good, with no indication of any particular bias. Transient response and phase response are both very good, as well. The microphone sounds good. I would not hesitate to use it for a non-critical speech gathering project or for recording interviews or podcasts. The microphone boom is detachable and is extremely lightweight, thus making it easy to implement in a DIY headset. You can use the supplied neckband, but it is not my favorite way of using such microphones. Finally, the microphone is compatible with the Shure system, and I have reason to believe that the models with Sennheiser and Audio-Technica connectors would work just as well.

What I don't like

The microphone has a slight tendency to pop. It does come with a pop filter, but you must be careful to place it off to the side of the mouth to prevent popping as much as possible. Also, the neckband is flimsy, though, admittedly, you can adjust it for your own neck size and shape so it should be comfortable to wear.

Audio tests

In my tests, the microphone performed well. It is not as good as the Beyerdynamic Opus 55 MkII, but it costs ten times less. The self-noise was low, the low-end was perhaps just a little bit biased. If you can prevent popping, you should get decent recordings. The spectrogram in Figure 2 and FFT in Figure 3 show good spectral detail and a realistic spectral envelope.


Figure 2. Spectrogram of the phrase "czarna krowa"


Figure 3. FFT of /a/ in "czarna"

With Shure MX1BP battery power module

The microphone works very well with the MX1BP battery module. The module supplies just the right amount of power to the microphone, and the integration is seemless. This is, in my view, the best way to use the YPA microphone in a wired configuration. The Shure MX1BP adapter has a mini XLR input (for the mic cable) and a permanently attached professional XLR microphone cable. This not only provides adequate power to the mic (and eliminates the need for phantom power), but also provides enough cable lenght to eliminate the need for an XLR extension cable. For a $23 microphone, the YPA performs surprisingly well. Figure 4 shows an FFT and superimposed LPC graphs of the vowel /a/ in "trawe." There's ample spectral detail and a very natural spectral envelope.

Figure 5. FFT and LPC of /a/ in "trawe"

The spectrogram (Figure 6) looks really good, indeed. The spectral detail is exceptional, again, keep in mind it is a $23 microphone. The mic and the power module are a great, inexpensive combo.

Figure 6. Spectrogram of "czarna krowa" with the YPA omnidirectional microphone and the Shure MX1BP power module.

Figure 5 below shows the YPA microphone with my DIY headband and the Shure MX1BP battery module. The module comes with a high-quality microphone cable terminated with a standard XLR connector, thus making it compatible with most professional equipment and obiating the need for an extra microphone cord or extension. I make my own headbands because the original wire headband is not particularly easy to use. The headband is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and allows precise microphone placement. If you're interested in getting a headband for your microphone, please, send me an email and I will make one for you.

Figure 5. The YPA microphone with my own DIY headband and the Shure MX1BP battery module


The YPA microphone has very low self-noise, at least for such an inexpensive microphone. It is a medium-sensitivity mic (about 8 mV/Pa) so it does not require as much gain from the pre-amplifier. In the example below, there's a hint of the 60 Hz hum, probably picked up via induction from the power lines in the house. The microphone does not seem to be particularly prone to picking up hum, though. Hum, whether from ground loops or induction, is a constant problem of a field recordist. You can read more about hum in my post on noise. Figure 5 shows a spectrum of the YPA's self noise, with the pre-amp gain set the level of speech recording of around -12 dBFS.

Figure 5. FFT of YPA's self noise

Download original files

  Description Quality Comments
Download YPA omnidirectional headset microphone 48,000 Hz; 24-bit; mono USBPre; in a quiet room, signal at around -12 dBFS
Download YPA omnidirectional headset microphone with Shure MX1BP power module 48,000 Hz; 24-bit; mono USBPre; in a quiet room, signal at around -12 dBFS
Download YPA omnidirectional headset microphone 48,000 Hz; 24-bit; mono Fostex FR-2LE in a quiet room, signal at around -12 dBFS