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Wireless adapters for DPA miniature microphones Using YPA adapters for DPA miniature and lavalier microphones are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below. The model number is typically found on the transmitter.  Other configurations are possible; however YPA Microphones cannot guarantee full compatibility.  Brand /Transmitter YPA Adapter DPA Adapter AKG AKG DPT 70 C4A DAD6017 AKG DPT 700 C4A DAD6017 AKG DPT 800 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 45 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 60 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 80 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 81 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 400 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 450 C4A DAD6017 AKG PT 470 C4A DAD6017 AKG...

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YPA omnidirectional headset microphone review  Please note that all of the comments below must be kept in perspective: This microphone costs $39.99 (inlcuding tax and shipping), which is 10-20 times less than its current mainstream competition. If you have never heard of the YPA microphone brand, do not feel bad - neither have I, until recently. As more and more microphones are manufactured in China, it was only a matter of time for a Chinese OEM microphone manufacturer to emerge with low-cost alternatives to name-brand models. YPA makes an omnidirectional, headset microphone that is compatible with the most common wireless...

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