The 4016 headset has gone through 6 years of market testing, and its comfort and durability have been recognized. The diversity of interfaces is compatible with multiple brands of wireless bodypack transmitters.

example: 4016 SL

(S = Code, Cable Connector, Use the below table to find the right code for your transmitter.)
(L= Color, Light Beige)

Code Connector Brand Transmitter
A TA3F AKG DPT70, DPT800, DPT700, PT2000, PT40, PT400, PT4000, PT45, PT450, PT4500, PT470, PT60, PT61, PT80, PT81
A TA3F Audix B60, RAD360-BP
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Azden 31LT, 32BT, WLT-PRO, WM22, WM-PRO, 15BT, 35BT, 10BT (older), 41BT (older)
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Audio 2000's AWX6030M
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Audio Ltd. EN2 TX
SL LEMO 3-Pin Audio Limited A10-TX, A10-TX-US
SN 3.5mm stereo locking plug Amplivox S-1600T, S-1690T
AT/CW screw-down cW-style Audio Technica AEW-T1000, AEW-T1000a, ATW-T1001, ATW-T35, ATW-T601, ATW-T701, ATW-T75, ESW-T211, ATW-1501, ATW-T1001EX, ATW-T1000 D, ATW-110G, ATW-T1801, ATW-T201, ATW-T210, ATW-T210a, ATW-T27, ATW-T31, ATW-T310, ATW-T310b, ATW-T51
CH screw-down cH-style Audio Technica ATW-T3201, ATW-T5201, ATW-T6001S
EV TA4F Anchor Audio WB-6000, WB-6400, WB-8000
MI Screw on TA4F Beyerdynamic Opus Series, TG 100 (before 2015), TG 1000 (before 2015), TS 100, TS 300, TS 500, TS 600, TS 800, TS 900 C, TS 900 M, TS 910 C, TS 910 M,
S TA4F Beyerdynamic TG 1000(after dec 2014), TG 100B
S TA4F Carvin UBP1000, UX16-BP, UXBP16
EV TA4F Electrovoice BP-300, BPU-2 (RE2 Bodypack), BPU-2Pro (RE2 Pro Bodypack), BPU-2Pro-REF (RE2 Pro Referee Bodypack), BPU-R, CSB-1000, NBPU, NBPU-G, WTU-2, RE3-BPT (RE3 Bodypack)
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Empower Sound Amazing Amp
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Gemini UHF-6000BP
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Happie Amp Happie Amp
EV TA4F HME TX550, TX822
S TA4F JTS E-6TB, E-7TB(D), IN264TB, IN64TB, PG-36BG2, PT-850B, PT-850BD, PT900B, PT-920BG, PT-920B, PT-920BGmi, PT-920Bmi, PT-950, PT-950Bmi, RU-850LTB, RU-850TB, RU-988TB, RU-G3TB, UF-10TB, UF-20TB,
S TA4F Line 6 TB12, XD-V70L
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Line 6 XDR95
A TA3F LD Systems WS100-BP
AT/CW screw-down cW-style Lightspeed BP-200
L TA5F Lectrosonics IM, LM, SM and UM series UM100, UM110, UM190, UM190b, UM195b, UM200, UM200b, UM200c, UM250c, UM250b, UM300b, UM400, UM500, M185, M187
SL LEMO 3-Pin Lectrosonics SSM
MI Screw on TA4F MIPRO ACT-24T, ACT-24TC, ACT-30T, ACT-32T, ACT-32TC, ACT-50T, ACT-52T, ACT-52TC, ACT-58T, ACT-58TC, ACT-707-TS (TE), ACT-70T, ACT-70TC, ACT-7Ta, ACT-71T, ACT-801 TS (TE), ACT-80T, ACT-80TC, ACT-8Ta, MT-103a, MT303, MT801, MT-801a, MT808
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Nady UB10, UB16, WLT14, WLT15
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Olympus DM-420, DM-520, DM-620, DS-2400, DS-40, DS-51, DS-61, DS-71, LS-10, LS-14
MI Screw on TA4F Peavey PCX-U302-B, PCX-V12-B
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Roland R05, R09HR
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Røde Microphone Link, Link Filmmaker kit
S TA4F Shure ATX (TA4M), Axient Digital, AD1, ADX1, AXT100TA4F, PGX1, PGXD1, GLXD1, SC1, SLX1, U1, ULX1, ULX1-R4, ULXD1, UR1 (UHF-R), UR1M (TA4F), UT1, QLXD1,BLX1, FP1, PG1, UC1, MXW1, MXW1/O
S TA4F Sabine SW70
MI Screw on TA4F Sabine SW16T, SW30T, ST50T, SW1600, SW16TX, SW3000, SW30TX
A TA3F Samson AL-300, CT3, CT7, T32, UT1L, UB7, CB99, VT2L, VT3L
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Senal AWS-2000T
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Sennheiser SK 100, SK 300, SK 500 G1 G2 G3 G4, SK 1093, SK 20, SK AVX, SK D1, SK-XSW, SL Bodypack DW, XSW-D TX35, X2 Digital Wireless
SL LEMO 3-Pin Sennheiser SK 250, SK 3063, SK 50, SK 2000, SK 5012, SK 5212, SK 5212-II, SK 6000, SK 9000
SN 3.5mm stereo locking plug Sennheiser SK 2020-D
MD Microdot Sennheiser SK 2012
SN 3.5mm stereo locking plug Sony PCM-D50, PCM-M10, ZTX-B02RC, UTX-B03, UTX-B1, UTX-B2, WRT-805A, UWP-D
SL LEMO 3-Pin Sony DWT-B03R
SN 3.5mm stereo locking plug Sky UT86P
S TA4F Toa WM4300
A TA3F Toa WMS4500
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Toa WM-360, WM-370, WM-4310, WM-5320, WM-5325
S TA4F Trantec S4.4-BTX, S5.3-BTX, S5.5-BTX
SL LEMO 3-Pin Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless, SD7300
EV TA4F Telex LT100, PST16, VB12, WT10, WT1000, WT50, WT500, WT55, WT60, WT700, WT80
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Tascam DR-05, DR-07mkII, DR-08, PR-10
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Tentacle sync TRACK E
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Williams Sound DLT 100 2.0, DLT 300
SL LEMO 3-Pin WisyCom MTP30, MTP40, MTP41, MTP41S, MTP40S
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Yamaha Pocketrak C24, Pocketrak W24
SE 3.5mm stereo locking plug Zoom H1, H2, H2n