Compatiblility -

Compatibility List

Wireless adapters for DPA miniature microphones

Using YPA adapters for DPA miniature and lavalier microphones are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below.

The model number is typically found on the transmitter. 

Other configurations are possible; however YPA Microphones cannot guarantee full compatibility. 

Brand /Transmitter YPA Adapter DPA Adapter
AKG DPT 70 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG DPT 700 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 45 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 60 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 80 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 81 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 400 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 450 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 470 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 4000 C4A-2 DAD6017
AKG PT 4500 C4A-2 DAD6017
Audio Ltd.
Audio Ltd EN2 TX C4SE-2 DAD6034
Audio-Technica AEW-T1000 C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T101 (U100) C4AW-2 DAD6021
Audio-Technica ATW-T210 C4T-2-A DAD6028
Audio-Technica ATW-T310 C4T-2 DAD6033
Audio-Technica ATW-T51 (1400 ser.) C4T-2-B DAD6022
Audio-Technica ATW-T75 (7000 ser.) C4T-2-A DAD6028
Audio-Technica ATW-T701 C4T-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 300 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 500 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 600 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 800 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Beyerdynamic OPUS 900 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Electro-Voice CSB-1000 (RE1/RE2) C4EV-2 DAD6030
Lectrosonics LM, SM and UM series C4L-2 DAD3056
Line 6
XD-V70L C4S-2 DAD6010
Mipro ACT-707T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TE C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TM C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-707TS C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-71T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-7T C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT103 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT303 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT801 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Mipro ACT-MT808 C4MI-2 DAD6033
Samson CT-2 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson TX-3 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT1L C4A-2 DAD6017
Samson UT4 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT5 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson UT6 C4SA-2 DAD6009
Samson VT2L C4A-2 DAD6017
Sennheiser Evolution / G2 Series C4SE-2 DAD6034
Sennheiser SK 50 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 250 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 2000 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 3063 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Sennheiser SK 5012 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Shure GLXD1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure PGX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure SC1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure SLX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure U1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure ULX1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1M C4S-2 DAD6010
Shure UR1MLemo3 C4SL-2 DAD6003
Shure UT1 C4S-2 DAD6010
Sony Freedom WRT 805 C4SN-2 DAD6019
TOA WM4300 C4S-2 DAD6010
Trantec S5.5 (UHF) C4TR-2 DAD6036
Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless C4SL-2 DAD6003
Wisycom MTP30 C4SL-2 DAD6003
X2 Digital Wireless Systems C4SE-2 DAD6034
XLR adapter without belt clip C4XLR DAD6001
XLR adapter without belt clip and low cut MA201A DAD4099