YPA MICROPHONE CABLE FOR Microdot 4016 Headset Microphone

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Beige Color Replacement Cable is designed for use with the MICRODOT 4016 Headset microphone. It can be used to replace a cable in the event of a short or break and is an alternative to replacing the entire microphone.

These replaceable cables are available in various connector types to accommodate various wireless microphone transmitters. 

AC4016SEL features a snap-on design that has a 1/8" (3.5mm) Locking-mini connector for use with Sennheiser wireless bodypack transmitters.

AC4016SL features a snap-on design that has a TA4F connector for use with Shure, TOA and Line 6 wireless bodypack transmitters.

AC4016RL features a snap-on design that has a 3.5mm Detachable Locking connector for use with RODE GO wireless bodypack transmitters.

AC4016LL features a snap-on design that has a TA5F connector for use with Lectrosonics wireless bodypack transmitters.

AC4016TL features a snap-on design that has a Hirose 4-pin type connector for use with Audio Technica wireless bodypack transmitters.

AC4016SLL features a snap-on design that has a LEMO 3-pin type connector for use with Shure, Sennheiser, Zaxcom and Wisycom wireless bodypack transmitters.

Our cables quickly and securely snap fit into the 4016 Headset to link the mic to hardwired or wireless systems.