YPA MA407 Adapter Converting SHURE Microphones to SENNHEISER Wireless Bodypack Transmitter(TA4M to 3.5mm)

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  • This is a switchcraft TA4M 4 pin mini xlr male socket to 3.5mm(1/8') thread locking plug. The input socket is silver plated of very high quality & suitable for SHURE lavalier lapel headset microphones that use the ta4f mini male xlr plug. It is compatible with Sennheiser bodypack transmitters.

    Basically this adaptor allows you to use any SHURE headset/lapel microphones on any Sennheiser bodypack transmitter.

    Converts SHURE Headset & Lavalier Microphones To Sennheiser Bodypack Wireless Transmitters.

    TA4M, 4-Pin Mini Connector
    Compatible Lavalier or Headset Microphones
    Compatible with ShureCVL,DL4,DH5,UL4,WCM16,WH20,SM31FH,SM35,WL183,WL185,WL184,WL50,WL51,WL93,PG30,PGA31,PGA98H,MX184,MX202,MX150,MX153,MX391,WB98H/C,WBH53,WBH54,BETA98H/C,Beta91,Beta53,Beta54,TL45,TL46,TL47,TL48 with TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini)
    Compatible with Countryman E6,H6,H7,B3,B6,E2,EMW,I2,ISOMAX 2 with TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini)
    Compatible with DPA 6060,4060,4660,4080,4466,4066,4166,4266,4488,4088,4188,4288,4560,4099,4097 with DAD6010 adapter
    Compatible with SANKEN COS-11D,HWM with TA4F,4-Pin Mini Connector
    Other brand lavalier,headset microphone has a TA4F, 4-Pin Mini female xlr connector with a Shure TQG wiring configuration.

    As it is an impossible task to test the MA407 adapter with every device that calls for a lavalier or headset microphone, the information below is provided. You should be able to confirm if the MA407 adapter will work with your microphone based on the technical data below:
    3 wire method
    - Connect audio lead to pins 3 and 4
    - Connect bias lead to pin 2
    - Connect shield to pin 1 and connector body (use cable clamp insert piece as the connector body terminal)

    2 wire method
    - Connect audio lead to pin 3
    - Connect pin 2 to pin 3 with resistor
    - Connect shield to pin 1 and connector body (use cable clamp insert piece as the connector body terminal)
    - pin 4 is disconnect

  • Compatible Wireless Transmitters
    Sennheiser: Works with Sennheiser transmitters equipped with a locking 3.5mm connector, including the following models: SK 100 G1, SK 100 G2, SK 100 G3, SK 100 G4, SK 1093, SK 20, SK 300 G1, SK 300 G2, SK 300 G3, SK 300 G4, SK 500 G1, SK 500 G2, SK 500 G3, SK 500 G4, SK AVX, SK D1, SK-XSW, SL Bodypack DW, EW-D SK, EW-DX SK, and XSW-D MINI JACK TX

    Other Brand Devices: The MA407 will work with many other brand wireless transmitters(RODE Wireless GO, DJI Mic) and portable audio recorders(TASCAM, ZOOM, TENTACLE SYNC) that are equipped to supply Bias through a locking 3.5mm connector with a Sennheiser wiring configuration.

    confirm your wireless bodypack transmitter or recorder based on the technical data below:
    - Tip = Mic+
    - Ring = Line+
    - Sleeve= Ground

    Adapter Size: Ø12mm*42.5mm(length)

  • in original box
    1* MA407 Adapter
    1* Protective nets
    1* Carry Case

  • Wireless adapters for miniature microphones

    Using YPA adapters for miniature and lavalier microphones are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below.

    The model number is typically found on the transmitter. 

    Other configurations are possible; however YPA Microphones cannot guarantee full compatibility. 

    Adapter's Model Microphone's Brand Wireless Bodypack Transmitter's Brand
    ma205 SENNHEISER: MKE2 MKE3 MKE4 Lectrosonics
    ma206 SENNHEISER: MKE2 MKE3 MKE4 Audio Technica
    ma304 AKG: C401, C401/B, C402, C402/B, C406, C406/B, C407/B, C408, C408/B, C409, C09/B, C410/B, CK410, C411, C411/B, C416, C416/B, C417, C417/B, C418, C418/B, C419, C419/B, C420, C420/B any SHURE bodypack transmitter with a Switchcraft TA4M input connector
    ma305 AKG Lectrosonics
    MA301 AKG Standard XLR3M
    ma403 SHURE AKG
    ma405 SHURE Lectrosonics
    MA401 SHURE Dynamic mic(WH20TQG),not for condenser mic Standard XLR3M
    ma503 Lectrosonics AKG
    ma504 Lectrosonics SHURE
    ma507 Lectrosonics SENNHEISER
    ma501 Lectrosonics Standard XLR3M

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