YPA EM4S Wired Microphone Preamp For Shure Microphones (TA4F to XLR)

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<p>The EM4S Electret Microphone Power Adapter from YPA Microphones allows hardwired use of a lavalier/headset mic by converting phantom 48V to 5.6V electret power, and outputs an electronically balanced signal with low impedance. It converts a TA4F connector to a standard 3-pin XLR male connector.<br><br>
<strong>Compatible with Shure </strong>CVL,DL4,DH5,UL4,WCM16,WH20,SM31FH,SM35,WL183,WL185,WL184,WL50,WL51,WL93,PG30,PGA31,PGA98H,MX184,MX202,MX150,MX153,MX391,WB98H/C,WBH53,WBH54,BETA98H/C,Beta91,Beta53,Beta54,TL45,TL46,TL47,TL48 with TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini)<br/>
<strong>Compatible with Countryman</strong> E6,H6,H7,B3,B6,E2,EMW,I2,ISOMAX 2 with TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini)<br/>
<strong>Compatible with DPA </strong>6060,4060,4660,4080,4466,4066,4166,4266,4488,4088,4188,4288,4560,4099,4097 with DAD6010 adapter<br/>
<strong>Compatible with SANKEN</strong> COS-11D,HWM with TA4F,4-Pin Mini Connector<br/>
<strong>Other brand lavalier,headset microphone</strong> has a TA4F, 4-Pin Mini female xlr connector with a Shure TQG wiring configuration.<br/><br/>
As it is an impossible task to test the EM4S adapter with every device that calls for a lavalier or headset microphone, the information below is provided.You should be able to confirm if the EM4S adapter will work with your microphones based on the technical data below:<br/>
<strong>3 wire method</strong><br/>
- Connect audio lead to pins 3 and 4<br/>
- Connect bias lead to pin 2<br/>
- Connect shield to pin 1 and connector body (use cable clamp insert piece as the connector body terminal)<br/><br/>

<strong>2 wire method</strong><br/>
- Connect audio lead to pin 3<br/>
- Connect pin 2 to pin 3 with resistor<br/>
- Connect shield to pin 1 and connector body (use cable clamp insert piece as the connector body terminal)<br/>
- pin 4 is disconnect <br/><br/>
A small widget that allows hardwired use of lavalier or headset mikes.<br>
<br>Electret converter PCB connector, 48 V Phantom power Voltage converter and balancing amp for operating electret microphones on 48 V Phantom powered inputs.<br><br>It converts Phantom 48 V to 5.6 V electret power and outputs the signal electronically balanced with low impedance. A range of models is available with standard sockets to fit the plugs of most popular radiomike systems in 2 or 3 wired configuration.<br><br>
The connector is designed for connecting ta4f connector of microphones to XLR3M connections.<br>
<b>TA4F to XLR3M</b>
<br>Microphones To <b>Recorder, Mixer, PA, Sound Device, XLR socket and so on</b> which offer 48V phantom power</p>
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<td><strong>Adapter Type</strong></td>
<td>Converts phantom 48 V to electret 5.6 V power</td>
<td>TA4F connector to 3-pin XLR male</td>
<td>2.3" (59 mm) approx.</td>
<td>Adapter: 0.75" (19 mm) approx.<br><br>Microdot connector: 0.27" (7 mm)</td>
<td>1.1 oz (32 g) approx.</td>
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<p>in original box<br>
1* YPA EM4S adapter<br>
1* Protective nets<br>1* Carry Case<br>Limited 1-Year Warranty</p>