YPA AC16 Microdot Extension Cable for DPA Microphones - 5.3'

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Miniature Microphone Extension Cable

Do you love your DPA microphone but have a cable that's too short? The YPA AC16 can help with that. With this extension, you can add an extra 5.25 feet to your cable without any fuss. The AC16 is terminated with male and female microdot connectors. If you're in need of extra cable length for your DPA microphone, don't hesitate to call your YPA Sales Engineer and get back to what really matters — the music.

YPA AC16 Microdot Extension Cable Features:

  • Heavy-duty shielding prevents fraying and keeps your cable protected
  • Male to female connectors let you increase the length of your mic cable
  • Black color stays inconspicuous on stage or in the studio