YPA 6018 Lavalier Microphone Omni-Directional for Wireless Transmitters or Recording Device

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  • Advanced new microphone application

    The sound quality from the 6018 is great. It is a professional level lavalier mic. The connector is high quality and built it with a screw connector so if you are using a recorder or transmitter that has a screw connector, this will work with that as well as standard female 3.5mm connector on recorders/transmitters. This product is amazing for musicians and especially people who want to make social media content. It is great for conferences, interviews, music recording, and vlogging!you can use for YouTube Live, Interview, conference, broadcast and recording device.


    The YPA 6018 is a very capable Lav. Sound quality is great, construction is solid, and you can't beat the price. It has improved my livestreams considerably - on Zoom and Streamyard - giving me the pro sound I was looking for.
    6018 lavalier Microphone is a professional lavalier microphone forany Windows PC or Macbook and Android Smartphones etc. You can use it directlyfor connector, no batteries or drivers needed before recording audio, friendly design and easy to use.


    • 6018 Omnidirectional Lavalier microphone with connector
    • Black Single Tie Cable Clip
    • Windscreen
    • Carrying Case


    Small Compact Size Help Easily Clip to Your shirt,Tie or Pocket.Hands-Free Perfect for Filmmakers,Vloggers, Mobile,Journalists,Content Creators,Teacher etc.Mini metal clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar,tie or pocket.We have used state of the art lightweight materials to ensure you barely even notice the microphone is there.The Dimensions is 8×19mm(cable:1.6m/5.25ft) and the weight is 13g /0.46 oz,it’s light andhandy,you can easily take it to anywhere.


    The optional 6018 connectors interface to a wide variety of wireless transmitter packs or an XLR input. This feature provides extreme flexibility for rental companies, consultants, or anyone else working at multiple venues or with different wireless systems.


    • C4S with 4 pin mini XLR TA4F connector, Compatible with Shure Wireless Transmitter Models: L1, 11, LX1, SC1, U1, UC1, UT1, T1, ULX1, UR1, PGX
    • C4SE with 3.5mm Screw Locking Jack Plug, Compatible with Sennheiser Evolution Series, G2, X2 Digital Wireless Systems
    • C4T with 4 Pin Hirose type Connector, Compatible with Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D /ATW-T310 /AEW-T1000 /ATW-T701, ATW-T75(7000 Series) /ATW-T210
    • light weight, easy to use and clear sound,Great Professional Lavalier Microphone At A Good Price,Great Mic For YouTube ,Guitar and a iPhone. so works great the mic,Great Product and a Great Value
      Works Well For Wireless Systems
    • The soft tube can be adjusted freely and reach the best effect of pickup, Sweat and Dust-Proof Made Primarily for Indoor and Outdoor professionals
    • Designed for Use on Stage, Houses of Worship, Lecturers and Other Applications Requiring Minimum Microphone Visibility with hand-free Operation


    • Directional pattern: Omnidirectional
    • Principle of operation: Pressure
    • Cartridge type: Pre-polarized condenser
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Sensitivity,±3 dB at 1 kHz: -38dB
    • S/N ratio: more than 70dB
    • Max. SPL: 120dB
    • Output impedance: 1.2kΩ
    • Power supply: Min. 2 V - max. 10 V
    • Microphone head size (h x w x d): 8 / 19 mm (0.31 / 0.78 in)
    • Capsule diameter: 6 mm (0.23 in)
    • Cable length: 1.6 m (5.25 ft)
    • Weight: 13 g (0.46 oz)
  • Microphone Wiring

    Brand Code Model Connector
    SHURE/JTS/Carvin/Trantec/TOA/Line 6 C4S SHURE All with TA4F (Tiny QG) Connector, including UC1, BLX1, FP1, GLXD1, PG1, PGX1, PGXD1, SC1,SLX1, ULX1, ULXD1, UR1, UR1M, UT1, QLXD1
    JTS All with TA4F connector,
    Carvin UX16-BP,
    Trantec S5,
    TOA WM-4300,
    Line 6 TBP12: XD-V55, XD-V70, XD-V75, Relay G50, Relay G55, Relay G90,
    Beyerdynamic TG1000 (after dec 2014)
    SENNHEISER/Audio 2000's C4SE SENNHEISER Evolution / G2 Series, ewD1 (SK D1)
    Audio 2000's AWX6030M
    Audio Ltd EN2 TX
    Line 6 X2 Digital Wireless Systems
    Gemini UHF-6000BP
    3.5mm locking plug
    AKG/Samson C4A AKG DPT70, DPT700, PT40, PT45, PT60, PT61, PT800, PT81, PT400, PT450, PT2000, PT4000, PT4500,PT470,PT80, TA3F
    Audio Technica/Samson C4T Audio TechnicaT35, T75, T211, T601, T701, T1000a, T1001, 1000 Series, 1200 Series, 4000 Series, 5000 Series, 7000 Series,T27, T31, T51, T200, T201, T210, T210a, T300, T310, T310b,T1000 D,T1000, 1100 Series, 1400 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, T1801, T801, ATW-110G,
    Samson VT2L, UT1L
    Hirose Type 4-pin
    Lectrosonics C4L Lectrosonics SM Series, UM Series, LM Series TA5F
    Lectrosonics/Audio Technica C4LS Lectrosonics UHF Systems
    Audio Technica ATW-T101 (U100)
    Sennheiser/Shure/Zaxcom/Trantec/Wisycom/Audio Limited C4SL Sennheiser SK 50, SK 250, SK 2000, SK 3063, SK 5012, SK 5212, SK 5212-II, SK 6000, SK 9000
    Trantec SD7000 Digital Wireless
    Wisycom MTP40S, MTP41, MTP41S, MTP40, MTP30
    Audio Limited A10-TX, A10-TX-US
    LEMO 3 Pin
    Sony/Zoom/Tascam/Olympus/Yamaha/Roland C4SN Sony Freedom WRT 805, UTX-B1, UTX-B2, UTX-B03, ZTX-B02RC; PCM-D50, PCM-M10;
    Olympus DM-420, DM-520, DM-620, DS-2400, DS-40, DS-51, DS-61, DS-71, LS-10, LS-14,
    Roland R05, R09HR,
    Tascam DR-05, DR-07mkII, DR-08, PR-10;
    Yamaha Pocketrak C24, W24,
    Zoom H1, H2, H2n
    3.5mm locking plug
    Samson C4SA Samson TX3 (Black), UT5, UT6 Hirose 6 pin
    Mipro/Fitness Audio/Chiayo/Beyer/Peavey C4MI Mipro ACT-707-T(TS) (TE)(TM), ACT-801 TS (TE), ACT-8Ta, ACT-80T, MT103, MT303, MT801, MT808, ACT-30T, ACT-50T, ACT-7T(A)
    Beyerdynamic Opus Series, TS-100, TS-300, TS-500, OPUS 600, TS-800, OPUS 900, TG1000 (before dec 2014)
    Peavey PCX-V12-B, PCX-U302-B
    Hardwired/XLR C4XLR/EM2B/A61P Mixer, Audio Interface XLR