YPA A65P In-Line Microphone Preamplifier for SHURE Beta91, Beta98, Beta 98D/S, WL50, WL51, Beta 53 54 Mic

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  • YPA A65P Preamplifier

    TA4F to XLR3M

  • The Compatible Microphone
    SHURE      Beta91, Beta98, Bet 98D/S, WL50, WL51, WBH53 (Beta 53), WBH54 (Beta 54) or Microphone wth TA4F Connector
    YPA           M605, M613-C4S, M1-C4S, MM1-C4S, MM2-C4S, MM4-C4S, ML2-C4S,

  • 1* A65P Preamp

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